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About psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory condition which provokes the affectated skin cells to build up more rapidly than in non-psoriasis patients. These skin patches show up like red and inflamed scales on the skin surface.

Life style

& Healthy Habits

Have a bath every day

Use moisturizing skin creams

Avoid sun exposure

Reduce your alcohol consumption

Wear smooth clothing fabrics

Avoid any psoriasis triggers (stress, tobacco...)

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New treatments available

Different treatment options can be combined to get the best results

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Reducing your itching

Your skin is less itchy in just 1-2 days

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Scales disappear gradually

Scaling is reduced in a few days

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Symptom-free skin

During prolonged lapses of time

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Combined treatments

Easy-to-use and rapid absorption

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Individualized treatment

We provide the best individualized treatments

million people in the world
million Spanish patients
of the population

Get rid
of your problem. We can help

Our skin specialists provide a perfectly adapted treatment to tackle psoriasis issues. Patients notice a rapid reduction of all symptoms.

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